Racing Plans for the 2023 Season

Racing Plans for the 2023 Season

For Rachel's Camaro, I want to see her get to run ten times this year as a goal and I believe that is achievable. Our plans are for her 1st run to be a test and tune session at Camden Speedway, Camden TN on March 18th. There are two primary tracks I believe will be good tracks for us to take Rachel to: 104 Speedway, Lexington, TN and Poplar Bluff Motorsports, Poplar Bluff, MO. I am hoping to rotate between these two according to open weekends they are running and when we can visit but ideally at every third weekend as a minimum.

For the coil car, My priority is to go to larger shows such as the Ultimate Street Stock Challenge Series conducts. The next race I am attempting to be ready for is the Golden Egg at Magnolia Motor Speedway, Columbus, MS. I'm still waiting ont he XP4412 E85 carburetor to be completed, dyno'd, and shipped from TCC of Louisiana. 


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Kim and I came to Duck River with the Camaro and ran in a CRUSA two day show in 2019. We just were not fast enough for the race at the time but loved the track and facilities and hope to come back one day.

Jason Dukes

Love your videos. First year back in a Camaro dirt car since 2012. Great videos on Camaro set up. Have you ever raced at duck River speedway in wheel Tennessee?

jeremy stocstill

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