Setup Thoughts Starting Out, Rachel's Camaro, 2023 Season

Setup Thoughts Starting Out, Rachel's Camaro, 2023 Season

     Rachel is a true rookie behind the wheel for the first time this year and I want a car that is stable and predictable as the primary goal starting out. 

     I am setting the front-end springs with the right front spring firmer than the left for two primary reasons starting out. I am not running any significant rebound in the left front shock, yet I need the car to turn in well. A softer LF spring than RF can help here. I need the car to have good response to the left rear tire dragging when she lifts the throttle to help rotate the car but I don't want to have to do this with extra cross and LR bite alone. A stiffer RF spring will help hold more LR in the car as she decelerates to free up entry while keeping the car at a lower LR bite number overall. For these two reasons we are starting out with an 850LF and 950RF. 

 On the rear of the car, I have placed the heavier leaf spring on the RR. I have come to realize there is no difference between a coil and leaf car in regards to dynamic load changes during corner navigation. I believe a leaf car can benefit from a heavier RR spring to free the car up and keep it turning just like it has now been proven on coil spring setups. For this reason I have placed a composite 200lb leaf on the left rear and a composite 225lb spring on the RR.

 In the classes we plan to run the camaro, non-rebuildable shocks is the norm and the Bilstein stock location shocks I have been using seem to be a good fit. I am using the Bilstein197R/154C AK Digressive on the left front and the Bilstein 393R/172C AK Linear on the right front. On the rear I put an Integra 8c/2r on the left and an Afco 3/3 on the right. I do think it's time for some changes on the rear but I need to establish a base line and get Rachel on the track first. I may be putting some rebound in the right rear and a bit less compression in the left but we need to see the car on the track.

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