Tire Pressure Ranges I have had success with

Tire Pressure Ranges I have had success with

Tire Type





Grooved Asphalt Pull-offfs/Scuffs 9-11 14-16 8-10 11-13
G60s / KK704s 9-10 14-16 10-12 12-15
H500s 14-17 17-22 13-15 15-17


These pressures are shown in pounds per inch and I typically stay within these ranges on these tires for 3000-3200lb cars.

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The way you explained tire pressures and stager make a lot of sense now to me. I have questioned my air pressures with another racer. But what he says is wrong after watching you explain it. Running a 3000lb street stock on a 3/8 mile track, it seems that after about 10 laps in the feature is when the car starts driving better. Will definitely be remeasuring my car and make the necessary changes for our next race on the 29th.


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